Level Mod Partitions






iso 9001


To separate, to divide, to furnish: Level Mod. Structure with frame either ready or to be assembled, to be re-finished as required.


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Level Mod

Level Mod

is a frame structure which is easily assembled or available already assembled; it can be covered at the client’s choice with glass panels with a minimalist line, or with metal or wood panels which hook onto the frame with
strong plastic clips.
The soft, fluid lines of the top and end handrail, which can be fitted or not with trays, of the easily visible corners in extruded aluminium and plastic caps, finish and enrich the frame for a simple, contemporary look. Finally, the system can be embellished with a plinth that raises it 12,8 cm
from the ground, transforming it in LEVEL.

The frame has a single joint, thanks to the clever design of the section of the vertical upright; this affords an unmistakable aesthetic and functional improvement with respect to what is already on the market, offering a single
central joint of only 4 mm. Supporting tops, hooking-on accessories, shelves or hanging units is no longer a problem: there are many solutions, free to slide on the handrail or firmly hooked onto the vertical rack.

4 widths x 4 heights make it possible to completely meet space division needs, through the configuration of 2, 3 or 4 90° joints and 3 120° joints, reception desks and counters, call centres, break areas, conference rooms and everything which a complete system can offer. Additional elements like the door module, the stabilization foot, the panel above the desk for easy inspection, the intermediate technical module complete the system.

The electrification possibilities are without limit and can be freely developed vertically or horizontally inside and between the frames; the wires can be passed through large slots and conveniently gathered in strong pockets
which contribute to the already excellent rigidity of the structure. The wires can rise and descend from and to the floor and from the ceiling, passing through the frame; the wires can always be kept under control because the
entire system can be easily inspected.